Learning to Live With Regrets

Looking to move on from past regrets and start living life to the fullest? This article explores living with previous regrets, putting them behind you and making the most of your future. No one wants to live with a lifetime of regrets, decide to day not to add another regret to your future and start making positive changes and living life abundantly.


Learning to Live With Regrets & Paving The Way For a Brighter Future.

Learning to live with your regrets is often a very difficult thing to do. Our pasts can often take a grip on our lives and prevent us living our lives to the utmost and fullest. This article takes a look at regrets and how we can overcome them and pave the way to a brighter and more positive future.

A young child has very little to worry about. They play at home, help mom or dad with small tasks such as cooking, or washing the car and when they reach the right age, they start school.

There is not much for them to regret. Some might feel bad about yelling at a parent or fighting with a sibling but these things are usually small and easy to fix. They are also still too young to remember these incidents later in life.

During school years, regret might become a more common feeling; “Oh, why didn’t I study more for this test?”or “I should have been more friendly towards her, she could have been my friend.” These feelings of regret are still easy enough to fix with hard work and dedication.

After school, when you reach your mid-twenties to thirties, you realize just how many things a person can come to regret.

On the one side of the spectrum, you might have regrets like these:

“I didn’t study hard enough or get the qualifications I wanted/needed, now I’m stuck with a job that I hate and that doesn’t pay the bills.”

“I should never have given in to the peer pressure during college, just look at where I am now. A drunk, an addict and homeless.”

Even if you did quite well earlier in your life, you may still have regrets, that may look more like this:

“I spent all my time studying, now mom has passed away and I wasn’t here for her at the time she most needed me.”

“I work eighteen hours a day, have a mansion filled with anything and everything I could ever desire, and yet I am unhappy. There is no-one I can share it with.”

When you are young, you are carefree and full of life but as you grow older the world around you influences your decisions – some of these influences might even be unconscious. You only realize that you did something on someone else’s say-so after thinking back on it years later.

The best way to overcome or even pre-empt these regrets is to live each day with the knowledge that it could be your last – or the last that you can spend with a loved one. Do the things you really want to do, don’t make excuses, just do it.

Otherwise, you will add just one more regret to a lifetime of regrets.

Didn’t finish school? Go enter an online course and get your certificate or qualification you’ve always wanted to get.

Don’t have any friends? Get out from behind your desk, grab a colleague and go out for drinks, join a club or group in your local area (meetup.com is great for this).

Haven’t spoken to family in years? Technology has come such a long way, find their number and give them a call, tomorrow you might regret not doing so.

There is no reason for you to add to your already long list of regrets. Stop, think for a moment and then do what you really want to do.

As the only saying goes, life is what you make it. We all have the power to put our pasts behind us and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.


We know it’s easier said than done, putting your past behind you and moving on from past regrets is never easy. Sometimes we have to talk and work through past issues. Feel like you need to get past issues off your chest? Sign up to our Community Forums we always have someone waiting, willing to chat and lend a listening ear!

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