Lack of Mental Heal...

Lack of Mental Health Help & Support For Adults  

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Does anyone else feel like there is very little help and support for adults?

By adults I mean over 25+ but under 60.

I feel all the government schemes, in the UK at least, are all for people who are young/teens or elderly.

I know adult social care is strained but it's a joke, I've been in and out of hospital this past week and the level of support is shocking.

I'll probably post about my experience in a few days or so but I'm honestly shocked, it's no wonder so many people feel lost and hopeless and feel like they have nobody to turn to, it's one of the reasons/things that got me to focus on this website again because I realised that there weren't many support nets for adults struggling with their mental health.

Posted : 25/09/2019 01:17

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