Danny & Annie a 27 Year Romance

Who says fairy tale romances are just for the movies? This true love story brought to you by StoryCorps is a true tale of love and a 27-year romance between Danny and Annie. Be warned though have a box of tissues ready as this isn't a story for the feint of heart, it's a real tearjerker!


StoryCorps – Preserving Life Stories & Words of Wisdom

This is a real heart wrencher guys, taken from StoryCorps website, StoryCorps is a website where people can record and upload interviews that will be archived for generations to come a form of time capsule where your children’s children can access words of wisdom from their ancestors and hear their relatives voices captured in time.

The idea behind StoryCorps is that while people come and go their words of wisdom don’t have to, with today’s technology we can capture in time intimate interviews and words of wisdom between our loved ones.

Danny & Annie a 27 Year Romance

This recorded interview, turned animation, is a real heart wrenching real love story of a couple who have been together for over 27 years. Danny has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is really worried about leaving his wife Annie on her own.

There is a real poetry to be found within the words of this video and a beauty that has been captured in time. It really gives a great view of what StoryCorps are doing and why their mission is so important.

This magical interview captured on tape is no doubt now a very precious possession to Annie. We hope you enjoy it and can find great comfort in the fact true love really does exist. We’ll be sharing more of StoryCorps videos over time but if you like this you might want to check out their website for more animated shorts and recorded interviews here.

You can view StoryCorps website HERE along with other inspirational and motivational videos and recordings that have been captured in time.


  1. WOW this really hit me what a beautiful story but yet so sad. It’s good to see that love can still last that long though it’s rare to see that in this day and age. Truly beautiful.

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