A child superhero in disguise, the reason why made his teacher cry!

Kids can be angels, their youth and innocence is so pure. When a child does something out of goodness and love you know that it's 100% true and pure and not done for any alternative motive. This kid doesn't truly realise just how much of a superhero he is and teaches us all a valuable lesson about love, family and loyalty.


A Child Superhero – Love, Family & Loyalty

This beautiful story teaches us all a valuable lesson about love, family and loyalty and what it truly means to be an unsung hero. It’s a stark reminder that hero’s like this little boy surround us every single day, many go unnoticed and their deeds are done simply out of love and compassion.

This soul-crushing story tells of a little boy who has been skipping school on a daily basis to help his mum who’s been in a car crash. He begged his friends in school not to reveal what he was doing, but when his teacher found out she was reduced to tears!

Unsung Heroes Are All Around Us

So what can we learn from this? We need to realise that there’s so many people around us on a day to day basis who perform daily miracles, random acts of kindness and compassion and receive no thanks or payment.

Many of these hero’s don’t want any form of payment or thanks and have no issue going without praise for what they do. The truth of the matter is though, these hero’s aren’t hard to find. Volunteers, kids helping their parents, someone helping an elderly person across the road etc etc.

If you know someone like this why not do something for them? It can even be anonymously;┬áleave them a card with a gift voucher for a FREE coffee or offer to take them for a coffee? You don’t even have to place your hand into your wallet next time you see them doing a random act of kindness offer to give them a hand.

Why not do a random act of kindness of your own. Show a loved one truly how much they mean to you, clean an elderly neighbours garden etc etc.

We have the ability and power to pour so much positive energy into this world and change someone’s day/week/month/year for the better. You could be an unsung hero waiting to happen!


  1. Do you know someone who’s an unsung hero? Have you witnessed your own superhero and angel in disguise.

    Did our article inspire you to become an unsung hero or perform a random act of kindness?

    Share your stories below of random acts of kindness and loving acts you’ve witnessed. We’d love to hear your story!

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